The Bible is God's love letter to us...
The word Liturgy comes from the Latin words
LEITON + ERGON [Laity + work] = work of the people of God

According to St. John Bosco [Founder of the Salesian Congregation]
“God's greatest gift to a family is to have a Son-Priest.”

Characteristics of a Mature Faith:
Living and Dynamic
Sharing with others [apostolic or missionary]

The gospel stories passed through three stages of gospel tradition [= 'handing on' process]:
In the life of Jesus
In the life of the Church
IIn the life of the Gospel

Jesus' Coming:
In History [Luke 1 & 2]
In Mystery [Mat 25:34-46; Rev 3:20]
In Majesty [Mat 26:64]

In the Course of Jesus' Ministry, He did the following
(see Matthew 4:23; 9:35):
  — To call non-believers to faith [Kerygma]
  — To deepen the faith of those who already believed [Didache]
  — To prove His power over evil

Do you know that?
“TO KNOW” in the biblical sense is not a result or end–product of an intellectual process but rather a result of an experience, personal contact?
(When knowledge matures, it is love.)

  — Our Father in the Faith (see Rom 4:16)
John The Baptist
  — Last prophet of the Old Testament
St. Mark
  — The first to write a 'Gospel'
  — From Greek “Biblos” which means 'book' THE BOOK
    Original languages of the Bible: HebrewAramaicGreek
    The Bible should read in four context: LiteraryHistoricalSocialCultural

If challenged to write the whole story of the Bible behind a stamp, what would you write?
God has a plan for us
Man destroyed that plan through sin
God promised salvation
The Bible tells the story of how God fulfilled His promise

Do you know how many books there are in The Bible?
Answer to Trivia: 72 + 1books
The shortest Psalm.
Answer to Trivia: Psalms 117
The longest Psalm.
Answer to Trivia: Psalms 119
Center Verse.
Answer to Trivia: Psalms 118.8

It is better to take refuge in the Lord after”, Psalms 119.
There are 594 Chapters before Ps 118.8 and there are exactly 594 Chapters after Ps 119.
When added, 594 + 594 = 118.8.

Is this a coincidence or act of the Holy Spirit?